Land & Sea Excursions in Rhodes

That reveal it’s diverse splendour

A destination that has captivated the hearts of countless travellers with its multifaceted allure and seamless blend of ancient history and sun-soaked beaches, excursions in Rhodes are a fantastic way to unlock the island’s unparalleled charm.

Steeped in mythology and architectural wonders, Rhodes boasts the legendary Colossus ruins and a UNESCO World Heritage site as its town; a fairytale setting with enchanting cobblestone streets, Mediaeval castles and Byzantine churches. Rhodes even has a hilltop Acropolis of its own in Lindos, all of which offer a glimpse into the island’s storied and tangible heritage. 

Beyond history, vibrant Rhodes villages such as the aforementioned Lindos beckon with white-washed houses and azure-domed chapels, creating postcard-perfect vistas. The island’s landscapes fluctuate from pine-clad hills to pristine beaches like the blue-flag Kiotari and the iconic Anthony Quinn Bay. Rhodes’ culinary scene, featuring fresh meat and seafood dishes plus other local delicacies, completes the sensory journey, making it a must-visit destination for culture enthusiasts and sun-seekers alike. Choices on excursions in Rhodes are endless.

And with so much to be witnessed and experienced, where does one begin? At H Hotels Collection, we offer our guests meaningful stays, as we provide a plethora of stimulating amenities where every touchpoint renders a sensory journey of some kind. Since we also want you to experience the beauty that Rhodes is all about, we have hand-picked a series of private tours in Rhodes both on land and by sea that are for those who want to do so with exclusivity. These are perfect for groups of visitors who wish to stay together and make a day out of their excursions in Rhodes. There also are these Rhodes tours that also combine some activities within the island’s landscapes too. 

For those whose inner seafarer yearns to break free, our recommended Rhodes shore excursions and boat trips from Rhodes take you to visit a series of locations and landmarks while on an invigorating sea journey, feeling the breeze and sun on your skin. On these singularly curated excursions in Rhodes, you’ll see some of the island’s most jaw-dropping spots from a spell-binding perspective but also venture further out to discover what other gems lie beyond Rhodes. And if you’re wondering about the most popular one, that would have to be the Rhodes to Symi excursion.  

Embarking on excursions in Rhodes is an enriching way to discover the island’s treasures and beyond. From historical marvels to scenic wonders, Rhodes becomes a playground of immersive experiences. Travellers can explore ancient archaeological sites and delve into the island’s fascinating past. Nature enthusiasts can venture into the heart of Rhodes, discovering hidden waterfalls like the Seven Springs, picturesque vineyards with wine-tasting excursions in Rhodes, or participate in intensity-packed activities tours through the island’s serene landscapes such as ATV adventures off the beaten path, revealing rugged terrains and panoramic vistas. And of course, there are those excursions in Rhodes that lead to neighbouring islets, unveiling secluded beaches of golden sand and crystal-clear waters and vibrant towns, such as Symi, and even Marmaris on the coast of Turkey.

Our collection of excursions not only showcases Rhodes’ diverse beauty and splendour but also provides insights into its culture, making them an ideal way to uncover the island’s enchanting soul.

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