Island Explorations from Rhodes to Symi

A passage through time and culture

Choosing Rhodes as your holiday setting is a fantastic choice, not only because of Rhodes’ timeless charm but because it opens up the possibility of nearby island explorations. Such as visiting the small Aegean gem that is Symi.

Of our recommended boat trips from Rhodes, the Rhodes to Symi island excursion is unmissable. The architecture and naval heritage of Symi, made up of vibrant neoclassical captain and manor houses amidst winding passageways, play a significant role in the island’s picture-postcard allure. The majority are constructed in an amphitheatrical manner around Gialos’ lovely natural harbour, filled with charming waterfront tavernas, cafes, and shops. The island is known for its tradition of sponge diving, and, despite being a small island, Symi has a number of great beaches with clear waters and scenic surroundings. It also has an emblematic shore monastery, that of Panormitis on the namesake bay, which is an important highlight of any Rhodes to Symi island excursion. 

How do I reach Symi from Rhodes? 

The Rhodes to Symi island excursion is popular among our Rhodes shore excursions and can be done in a few ways, depending on what kind of experience you are after. You may take the regular ferry excursion, you may arrange a boat trip directly from your chosen of our unique hotels in Rhodes, or, for the most exclusive Rhodes to Symi excursion, opt for the Private Full Day Luxury Cruise to Symi (by yacht).

For the latter, visitors depart by bus from their hotel to Acandia port to catch the yacht setting sail at 09:00. It arrives at Panormitis Bay at 10:00 for a swim stop in front of the 18th-century monastery at the edge of the shore, featuring two small beaches with crystal clear water and golden sand. After a refreshing dip, you will continue on to Symi port, where you will have plenty of time to saunter around and take in the ambiance of this small time capsule of a destination. 

Panormitis Monastery, in Symi island, from above.

Symi’s iconic harbour beckons travellers with open arms, for an experience transcending the boundaries of time. Upon reaching Symi port, you will be greeted by pastel-coloured houses adorning rolling hillsides, their lively hues contrasting against the deep blue of the sea. As you set foot on the dock, the air carries the voices of locals going about their day. Narrow cobblestone streets lead the way, inviting explorers to wander and discover the island’s hidden gems. Pick your favourite among the coffeeshops and enjoy a beverage under the shade of a blooming bougainvillaea, or a place to savour the local, fresh delicacies and watch life unfold in the slow rhythm of island time. 

Symi’s charm extended beyond its captivating aesthetics. Every corner tells a story, every smile exchanged holds the warmth of genuine Greek hospitality. A boat trip from Rhodes to Symi island is more than just a journey; it is a passage through time and culture, leaving visitors with a deep sense of wonder. Discover it on your next holiday with H Hotels Collection by reaching out to our Concierge Services. 

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