Soul-rich experiences in Rhodes

Connect through meaningful enjoyment 

At H Hotels Collection, we invite you to seek out immersive experiences and connect with Rhodes in meaningful ways. Embark on a journey with us as we unfold a tapestry of soul-rich experiences in Rhodes that showcase its diverse charm. 

Our collection of unique hotels in Rhodes aspires to be a gateway to the soul-stirring charm that defines our home island. From the pristine shorelines of azure waters to the mountains, forests, and valleys, all the way to deciphering its culinary identity.

Through our Concierge Services, we aim to give you the best holiday experience possible. They include various upgrades and indulgences you may want to treat yourselves to during your stay, as well as a series of hand-picked experiences on Rhodes island. They include popular land and boat excursions, tours, and activities but here are three soul-rich, immersive experiences that harbour an intimate connection with Rhodes’ natural abundance.

1 | Cooking classes: Learn the secrets of Rhodian cuisine

Deeply woven into the fabric of the island is indubitably its cultural richness. One of the loudest expressions of this cultural wealth is the local gastronomy that reflects a fusion of Greek traditions, Ottoman influences, and Italian flavours, meticulously curated to tantalise your taste buds. Through our Cooking Class experience, you will feel like a local by embracing a genuine culinary journey that takes place in a traditional farmhouse. A true Rhodian hospitality experience in every way possible.

2 | Marine Sealife Excursions: Learn about life under the sea

We recognise the intrinsic connection between Rhodes and the bountiful seas that cradle its shores. Our commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism ensures that our guests not only luxuriate in the natural wealth of the island but also learn about the need to preserve it for generations to come. The Blutopia Marine Biology Trip is perfect for youngsters and families, as we embark on a sea journey to explore the marine life of Rhodes. Swim, learn about the marine ecosystem, visit a fish farm, while you get to see dolphins, tunas, and many other fish species.

3 | Horse Riding Experience: Explore Rhodes’ natural habitats   

If you seek a terrain adventure and love animals, then our Horse Riding experience is just the thing for you. Focus on the sound of hoofbeats that echo the pulse of nature and feel the wind whisper through the mane as you traverse scenic trails, forging a profound connection with these majestic creatures. Explore Rhodes’ natural habitats, the forests, the mountains, the Apolakkia dam, the wetlands and beaches on horseback, and experience a harmonious blend of tranquillity and exhilaration. You can choose between 1 to 4,5 hours of horse riding, depending on your mood to explore and skill level. 

Join us in an exploration of experiences in Rhodes that goes beyond the conventional. Each stay with us is an invitation to immerse yourself in the essence of Rhodes; to witness the sunlight grace its landscapes, to dive into its life-giving waters, and to savour flavours that have been handed down across generations. Welcome to a hospitality experience that transcends expectations, where every moment is a celebration of Rhodes’ timeless beauty and cultural richness.

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