Where to stay in Rhodes for families

Blissful beachside moments

When considering where to stay in Rhodes for families, it is safe to say that the allure of sun-kissed beaches takes precedence, especially when catering to the vibrant energy of children. While the historic charm of the Old Town may captivate adults, the younger members of the family often yearn for daily fun by the sea.
And if happy children equal happy parents, then the question of where to stay in Rhodes for families has an easy answer: by the sea. 

For families seeking the perfect blend of coastal beauty and family-oriented experiences, the area of Kiotari in South Rhodes emerges as an ideal destination.

Kiotari is among the blue-flag beaches in Rhodes, ranking it among the finest on the island. The gently sloping shoreline and crystal-clear waters create a safe and enjoyable environment for families with children. The beach becomes a playground of beachside bliss, as laughter echoes in the sea breeze, and the azure waves invite endless frolic. What’s more is that along the long stretch of shore there is a water sports hub, run by an external provider. 

Within this beachside haven, H Hotels Collection stands out as the epitome of accommodation options suited to family needs. With four out of the six unique hotels in Rhodes being family-friendly, the group offers a plethora of exciting activities for children. From engaging kids’ clubs to thrilling sports and recreational activities – including water slides at Lindos Princess, Princess Sun and Rodos Princess hotels, Rhodes family holidays with us weave an immersive tapestry of experiences designed to create lasting memories for the entire family.

While children revel in supervised adventures and creative pursuits, parents can indulge in well-deserved relaxation and enjoyment. Whether it’s lounging by the pool, rejuvenating at the spa, partaking in fitness and sports, or savouring exquisite cuisine in refined settings, H Hotels Collection provides a sanctuary where adults can unwind and recharge while children can spend their energy well. The seamless integration of family-focused activities and adult-friendly amenities makes Kiotari an enticing option regarding where to stay in Rhodes for families; it is an enchanting destination for families seeking a harmonious blend of excitement and tranquillity.

Factor in that H Hotels Collection is also among the best all inclusive hotels in Rhodes, just ponder at the endless choice families have each and every day of their stay as the board arrangement covers food & beverage, activities, experiences and entertainment. 

In conclusion, when contemplating where to stay in Rhodes for families, the area of Kiotari emerges as a coastal haven where the allure of a blue-flag beach harmonises with family-friendly facilities. H Hotels Collection redefines the family vacation experience with a dash of luxury, ensuring that both children and parents find their perfect blend of excitement and relaxation against the breathtaking backdrop of the South Rhodes’ coastline.

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