Discover our luxury services in Rhodes

H Hotels Collection Concierge

Luxury holidays appeal to a certain kind of traveller, one that feels most fulfilled when indulging in exclusive experiences and temporary luxuries. Whether that’s staying in a sophisticated holiday dwelling, savouring an array of fine-dining flavours, surrendering to… 

Pampering spa treatments, going on private excursions, or partaking in various island activities that are either off-the-beaten-track or simply away from prying eyes; luxury holidays have a serious allure to them. And for the island of Rhodes, H Hotels Collection offers these kinds of travellers an exemplary temporary holiday home that ticks all the luxury boxes. Discover the luxury services in Rhodes that our Concierge offers our guests. 

Plan your holidays with us and enjoy an array of unforgettable moments, unlocking more and more of Rhodes’ charm with every experience. 

In Greek, we have a saying, literally translated as “You can tell a good day from the morning” and interpreted as ‘Mornings are paramount in setting the day’s mood’. That’s why as part of our luxury services in Rhodes, we can arrange a Floating Breakfast to be served en-suite, provided you have secured luxury accommodation in Rhodes with a private or shared pool. If you have a favourite flower, or more importantly, if your other half has a favourite flower, why not reach out to us so we can decorate your Suite with an elegant arrangement and surprise them? Just let our Florist know in advance and leave the rest to us. 

While we are on the subject of gastronomic delights and blossoms, may we suggest a romantic Picnic Experience, that includes getting you to a fantastic spot that will already be set up with all sorts of delicacies and your choice of drinks. What about getting around Rhodes island in absolute comfort and luxury style? Our Limo Service is at your disposal if you want to make an impression as are our Transfer Services for arranging as many pick-ups and drop-offs as you desire. Of course, our unique hotels in Rhodes offer guests much more than just the means to get from A to B. 

Our luxury services in Rhodes include a riveting selection of Rhodes Tours and Rhodes Shore Excursions for really getting to know our fascinating homeland. And although we have some of the best venues for 5-star dining in Rhodes, we like to offer something to those who seek a more experiential culinary approach to discovering the island – hence the Gastronomy Tour, that takes you on a culinary quest to a series of handpicked restaurants and tavernas around Rhodes.  

Of course, when staying with H Hotels Collection, there are plenty of luxury services in Rhodes that guests can enjoy without having to reach out to our Concierge. The Hatzilazarou hospitality group is the epitome of luxury holidaying in 5-star settings, where by default you will be ushered into a world of never-ending luxuries. Browse through our experiences in Rhodes and elevate your next island holiday with us. 

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