Private tours in Rhodes by Sea & Land

For days full of excitement 

When visiting a destination like ours, especially for the first time, one of the cleverest ways to discover it is by taking various private tours in Rhodes either by sea or by land. A private tour has many advantages, including exclusivity, flexibility and time-saving.

It also gives you the opportunity of deeper insight into the destination, and how the entire story comes together. At H Hotels Collection, we have collated the best private tours in Rhodes for you to explore the bountiful beauty of our island in the most efficient and effective way.

When looking for private tours in Rhodes, searching the internet can be confusing, especially if you are visiting for the first time. Being entirely unfamiliar with a destination can be baffling when trying to decide on what to pursue. In addition to an array of sensational experiences in Rhodes awaiting guests within our hotels, we have deep-dived into all the island has to offer and bring you the best of private tours in Rhodes, to simplify things for you. All you need to do is check out how you can plan your holidays with us through our Concierge services for all our ‘Private Tours & Excursions’. 

Private Sea excursions:

Being an island, Rhodes has so much to discover if you decide to let your inner seafarer rise to the occasion. Starting with the basics, although there is nothing basic about them, Rhodes is home to more than 55 blue flag beaches and boasts the impressive Lindos Acropolis, an ancient clifftop temple with an unparalleled jaw-dropping factor. Although viewing it and its panoramic views from above has an undeniable allure, seeing it from sea level hits you the same, yet differently. Then there is also the stunning St. Paul’s Bay, another of the unmissable ones. But apart from the well-known spots, there are a myriad of bays and coves along its seductive lacy shore and a network of sea caves to discover – like Psaltos and the Red Sand beaches which you probably never heard of. Reaching the small island of Symi is only about an hour, allowing plenty of time to discover its wonderful, slow-paced charm and beach Monastery of Panormitis. 

You can go on various leisurely private tours in Rhodes around these locations and more when you choose our recommended sea excursions. Browse through our itineraries and select the type of vessel or experience you prefer, from sailing yachts to comfortable Catamarans and speed motor boats, as well as the duration of each which varies. Be sure to also check our recommended Rhodes shore excursions if the sea is calling you…

Private Land excursions:

Being such a beautiful island, Rhodes will compensate you when you allocate some time to discover it through private land excursions. Rhodes Old Town is a top candidate, as is Lindos Village, the Valley of Butterflies, and the Seven Springs which is also a natural marvel. You decide how much time you want to spend; our private land tours include a mix of itineraries to suit a range of preferences for daytime and evening tours.  Our land excursions and tours include transportation with a luxury van for absolute comfort, and some experiences based on our local insight, such as the Winetasting and Romantic Sunset in Monolithos tour that will sweep you off your feet. Be sure to check out our recommended Rhodes tours and land excursions that combine some activities too before you decide. 

Make sure you browse them all before making your decision, or if you need our expert guidance in finding the right private tours in Rhodes for you, simply reach out to us. We are more than happy to assist you.

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