The Environmental Policy and commitment of the RODOS PRINCESS BEACH HOTEL, owned by I & E Chatzilazarou SA, a member of Hatzilazarou Group-H Hotels Collection is focused on its respect for the environment, by protecting it from the impacts of all of its hospitality services, accommodation, food-beverage and leisure. For this purpose, an Environmental Management System has been established, implemented and maintained, according to the requirements of ISO 14001:2015, which is continuously improved for its performance and effectiveness.
Specifically, in this context, our company is committed to:

• Systematically follow and implement the relevant Greek and European Community Environmental Legislation, as well as other requirements of interested parties, applicable to the activities of the hotel services provided.
• Have all the necessary permits and licenses related to the protection of the Environment.
• Identify, analyze and evaluate the environmental aspects by applying continuous effort to limit the adverse impacts of its activities on the Environment, aiming at avoiding or minimizing environmental pollution.
• Operate its facilities in a way that aims at saving and sustainability of natural resources, the reduction of gaseous pollutants emissions, water use, solid and liquid waste, energy consumption, noise, other environmental nuisances, the implementation of actions to reduce impacts and adapt to climate change, protect biodiversity and protect the natural environment in any possible way in general.
• Concern about the continuous education, training and motivation of its staff in order to acquire environmental awareness and responsibility.
• Develop and implement Environmental Management Plans to minimize the environmental impacts of its activities.
• Periodically monitor the implementation of all measures and processes, in order to ensure their effectiveness as far as it is possible.
• Inform subcontractors, suppliers, associates, staff, customers and all interested parties in general about its Environmental Policy and seek to cooperate with them on environmental protection issues.
• Set environmental objectives and evaluate periodically, at least once a year, its performance in meeting those objectives, in order to achieve continuously improvement.

The Management of the company has appointed its representative for the Environmental Management, who has the authority and responsibility to implement and maintain the Environmental Management System, as well as to coordinate the Environmental Management Team. In this context, he reports to the Top Management regarding the performance of the EMS, including appropriate suggestions for its continual improvement.

We call all partners, suppliers, staff and recipients of the services of the Hotel to support this effort and contribute accordingly to the protection of the environment and the achievement of the goals of our Environmental Policy.

The present is at the disposal of all relevant interested parties and is communicated with every appropriate means.

Rhodes, 15.03.18
Approval: Panayiotis Chatzilazarou, Representative of the Board

For the Top Management of hotel RODOS PRINCESS BEACH HOTEL, owned by I & E Chatzilazarou SA, a member of Hatzilazarou Group-H Hotels Collection, the protection of the customers’ health is paramount and an important component of this, ensuring all parameters for the preparation and distribution of safe food.

This policy is implemented by systematic analysis, recognition, evaluation and control of the related risks through the development and implementation of a Management System of Food Safety in accordance with the standard ISO 22000:2005 in all phases from the procurement, the delivery, the storage, the processing up to the food supply in the food departments of the facility, taking into account the national and European law, the modern scientific data of national and international bibliography, the bilaterally agreed customer requirements for food safety and any other relevant guidelines. Emphasis is given to the formulation and monitoring, appropriate communication channels, both inside the company and with suppliers, partners, customers, competent bodies and authorities on matters related to safety of managed food.

The company’s Management is committed to ensure implementation and compliance with the specified principles of food safety system at all levels of organization, the continuous improvement of effectiveness of the applied system and provides all the resources necessary to achieve the goals of this policy.

The appointed Coordinator of the Food Safety Team has the responsibility of ensuring consistent implementation and effectiveness of the system.

In pursuit of this policy, our company:
• Strictly applies the existing EU and national legislation and other relevant requirements
• Applies the Food Safety management principles according to the standard ISO 22000 of the involved functions.
• Develops, operates and maintains the food management facilities in accordance with specified requirements
• Outlines and implements strict operational limits and safety standards
• Has direct response mechanisms and reaction if this is deemed necessary
• Certifies to have properly trained, responsible, informed and experienced staff to implement all of the above
• Ensures the constant improvement of systems, equipment and personnel

Measurable objectives are established for food safety that are reviewed for their suitability at regular intervals by the Management.

This policy is reviewed for its suitability on an annual basis, notified and implemented at all levels of organization of the business.

Date: 11.05.17
Approval: Panayiotis Hatzilazarou

The Management of the RODOS PRINCESS Hotel, owned by I & E Chatzilazarou SA, a member of Hatzilazarou Group-H Hotels Collection aims at the comprehensive satisfaction of our customers, through the provision of high quality standards and the continuous improvement of our internal applied processes.
Our defining goals include the professionalism that characterizes our relations with customers and partners, the dedicated application of personal data protection regulations, the quality and competency of our human and other resources and our operational procedures.

The Hotel provides services in the following: 1) Reservations, reception and accommodation 2) Housekeeping 3) Food and Beverage 4) Entertainment and Wellbeing and 5) Retail commerce at the Mini Market.

In all these areas we apply a Quality Management System (QMS), based on the international standard ISO 9001:2015, which has been structured around Customers as our central axis. Our wish is to surpass the expectations of our guests and to create memorable experiences, satisfying the needs of the modern tourist, while also ensuring a high value for money.

The needs and expectations of other interested parties, our supplies, the local community, the monitoring authorities etc., are also particularly important for our company and are actively included in the planning of all the relevant operations.

The holistic approach on quality by our Hotel integrates, as well, the application of Food Safety and Environmental Management Systems, according to the ISO 22000 and ISO 14001 standards respectively.

Our specific aims are:
• The best possible customer satisfaction from our services and products
• The provision of high quality services
• The protection of the health and safety of our guests during their stay
• The continuous improvement of our services and products
• The continuous improvement of our output with predefined goals.
The means to achieving our aims are:
• Optimum organisation and operation of all sectors of the Hotel and its infrastructure
• Cooperation with trustworthy suppliers and external partners who ensure the quality and safety of the products and services
• Regular monitoring of the effectiveness of the Quality Control System, through reviews and checks.
• Specific definition and analysis of the needs, requirements and expectations of the customers, monitoring and measuring the level of their satisfaction
• Continuous training and development of our staff
• Recorded management of potential risks and opportunities for improvement, causes for problem & weak areas and working on the planned course of action to redress and minimize them.
• Continuous monitoring and applying of the relevant national and EU laws.
We establish measurable quality goals, which are regularly (at least annually) revised by the Management as to their appropriateness. The Management is responsible for the effective implementation of the Quality Assurance System, the provision of the necessary resources, following the legal and regulatory requirements and the requirements that arise from the interested parties, the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and calls all partners, suppliers, staff and recipients of the services of the Hotel to support its effort and contribute accordingly to the achievements of its specified goals, based on the present framework.

The present is at the disposal of all relevant interested parties and is communicated with every appropriate means.

Rhodes, 15.03.18
Approval: Panayiotis Chatzilazarou, Representative of the Board

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