An unforgettable journey for all five senses

Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa, the absolute luxury and romance experience crafted for just the two of you!

Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa is a 5-star hotel that will make your holiday dreams come true. On the beautiful island of Rhodes, at Kiotari, you will experience ultimate luxury and authentic Greek hospitality like never before.

Select one of the 44 rooms and suites to relax in an adults-only setting and create wonderful memories for the future. With Half-Board or Bed & Breakfast basis options, you can tailor your stay to your preferences. Benefit from the unlimited options for recreation and the unparalleled amenities introducing a whole different level of pleasure and promising a unique journey for the senses.

At the most beautiful spot of the Island of the Knights, the natural beauty and the unique architecture of the hotel create a dreamy setting for an unforgettable stay filled with tranquility and comfort, with the endless blue of the Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop.

Every nook and corner of the hotel brims with romanticism, so that you can enjoy unique moments with your significant other.

An unforgettable journey for all five senses
Luxury and comfort, pampering and relaxation, refined pleasures… Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa stimulates your senses with unforgettable accommodation and amazing experiences on the island of Rhodes.

The beautiful location of Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa at Kiotari, where the azure waters of the Aegean meet the deep blue of the Mediterranean, is elegantly combined with the unique architecture of the hotel. Let your eyes wander around and feel deeply rejuvenated with the first glimpse of this picture-perfect setting.

The fusion of velvet jazz melodies, tranquil sounds of nature and soothing water lapping on the shore is the perfect soundtrack of your holidays at Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa. Discover the much-coveted relaxation you are looking for away from the stressful sounds of the city.

The sea breeze and the refined fragrances of essential oils awaken the body and decompress the mind, during your stay at Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa leaving you with a deep sense of wellbeing and afterglow.

Touch the luxury surrounding you that makes each moment special at Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa. High-quality materials and superior services are harmoniously combined and create the ideal setting for a dreamy retreat. The rejuvenating pampering at the spa and the relaxing feeling when sliding in the private pool is just one aspect of the Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa holiday experience.

The Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and the great wine list at the Impressions Restaurant will take you on a delightful journey that impresses even the most refined of palates and will introduce you to the ultimate gastronomic experience.



Unique location
Situated at a wonderful spot in southern Rhodes, Kiotari, lying just 40 m away from the beach.

Amazing spa experience
In the modern facilities of Bliss Spa you will feel rejuvenated with exceptional spa treatments that will fully invigorate your body and mind.

Luxury and modern amenities
In the tranquil and discreet setting of Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa, specially designed to attend to the needs of couples and adults, you will be experience authentic Greek hospitality.

Creative cuisine
Crafted with love and attention, our Chef’s unique gastronomic creations add a delightful and modern twist to Mediterranean cuisine and offer an unprecedented experience for your palate. Bed & Breakfast or Half-board, whatever your preference is, prepare to be delighted by the flavors and artistry of our executive Chef.

Exceptional personal service
At Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa, we are always there to meet your every need with upscale service. All you have to do is ask for it.



Styled to perfection


Honeymoon offer

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