1. H Hotels Collection is a group of companies (I Hatzilazarou SA, I. Hatzilazarou & Sons SA, I & E Hatzilazarou SA, Landa SA and Titania SA) that own and operate the following hotels: MAYIA EXCLUSIVE RESORT & SPA, BOUTIQUE 5 HOTEL & SPA, PRINCESS ANDRIANA RESORT & SPA, LINDOS PRINCESS BEACH RESORT & SPA, RODOS PRINCESS BEACH RESORT & SPA, PRINCESS SUN HOTEL & SPA, RHODES BAY & ELITE SUITES that are situated in Rhodes island and TITANIA HOTEL ATHENS that is situated in Athens.
  2. The present services are provided through the TripAround, Inc. platform and are considered third party services. Therefore, Hotels Guests and Customers can order, buy, make a reservation, request such third party services of their own free will, choice and responsibility. H Hotels Collection and the Hotel are not responsible for any damages, injuries or accidents that may be caused by any person using these third party services. Hotels Guests and Customers use these third party services at their own risk and responsibility.
  3. Third Parties are independent companies or persons, that are allowed by H Hotels Collection to provide through the TripAround, Inc. platform independently services, called Third Party Services, to the hotels Guests and Customers
  4. Third Party Services are services provided by Third Parties, such as indicatively excursions, tours, vehicle leasing, taxi or transportation services, sports, water sports ski and other water sports, outdoor experiences, Spa, massage & beauty services as well as any other services billed directly by the Third Party or indirectly via the Hotel and provided by an independent company or person, who is not an employee or partner, neither is anyhow connected to H Hotels Collection
  5. H Hotels Collection allow Third Parties to provide services to the hotel Guests and Customers through the TripAround, Inc. platform, that are extra charged directly by these Third Parties. Third Parties, are independent companies or persons and therefore H Hotels Collection cannot impose them specific policies and obligations. H Hotels Collection have no control over such third parties and it is not possible for us to know their policies, standards and terms of use. For this reason, when hotels Guests and Customers order products or services of such third parties through our Site, are advised to read carefully their terms and conditions and be informed about the health and security standards adopted by such third parties. In all cases, when hotels Guests and Customers place an order for products or services of such third parties through our Site, they do so on their own free will, choice, responsibility and risk. By purchasing online through our Site any product or service provided by a third party hotels Guests and Customers agree to abide to their applicable terms and conditions, including but not limited to their payment and cancellation policies, any availability or other restrictions they may have in place as well as their limitation of liability and indemnification provisions. We have no obligation for the sale of products or the execution of services of such third parties, we may not be held liable for any damage, injury or accident may incur by using such third party services nor can we assume any liability thereof. H Hotels Collection and the Hotel shall not be held liable for any damage, injury or accident any hotels Guests or Customer may incur by using such Third Party Services.
  6. For the services of this platform, the main processor is the company under the brand name TripAround, Inc. is a California-based company with offices located at 300 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301, USA (referred to as “TripAround”).
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