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Princess Andriana Resort & Spa is ideally located at Kiotari, in the beautiful south part of Rhodes Island. It is the perfect place to slow down and enjoy a relaxing holiday, approximately 15 km from the historic Lindos village. Rhodes Airport is 55 km from the hotel, around an hour’s drive, and Rhodes Town is situated 60 km away. There are charming neighbouring villages to visit around Kiotari, such as Asklipio, Lachania, Profilia and Lardos.

Whether you are dreaming of relaxing seaside holidays, a romantic honeymoon or an exciting adventure, the island of Rhodes is the place to be. Once home to the “Colossus” of Rhodes – one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese islands and constitutes their historical capital.

Boasting an amazing old town – amongst the best preserved medieval cities in Europe, also a UNESCO World Heritage site – Rhodes features fantastic stretches of sand, beautiful villages, great food and supreme options for sightseeing. It is worth visiting the Acropolis of Lindos, the Palace of the Grand Masters, the Temple of Apollo, the Ancient City of Kamiros and many more.

The island of Rhodes is well-known for its fantastic climate with over 300 days of sunshine yearly! So nothing can spoil your sightseeing tours or wedding day. From the Princess Andriana Resort & Spa you can easily move around the island either by bus, taxi or car rental. Our local staff is more than happy to assist you book excursions during your holidays in Rhodes.


Small sea-side village in south Rhodes

Kiotari is an ideal choice for quiet vacations near the sea with plenty of taverns, bars and clubs. In Kiotari you will find several different kinds of beaches, varying in character and amenities. There is plenty of space, a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere. At Kiotari Beach there is everything from the wild swimming spot to the organised beach with water sports.


The fine wines of Rhodes

Rhodes is famous for its fine wines thanks to its Mediterranean climate which is characterized by bright sunshine and mild winters, while excessive heat and high temperatures are tempered by the northerly winds during summer time. At the same time, the humidity is intense and during the winter and autumn months frequent rainfall occurs. This whole scene composes ideal climatic conditions for the growth of vines.


A Unique Attraction

It is located about 25 kilometers southwest of Rhodes town, near the village Kalamonas and is one of the island’s must- visit attractions during your stay in Rhodes. The valley attracts every year thousands of butterflies during the summer months, June to September, and particularly a rare subspecies Panaxia Quadripunctaria Butterfly or the Tetragonostiktos.

This unique habitat of Europe is the summer shelter of these butterflies, which travel during the night following the water roads and gradually flood the valley. The area climate has the ideal conditions consisting of dew and moisture so as butterflies to breed.

Each year the area attracts thousands of tourists and scientists who come to enjoy or explore this rare phenomenon. Visitors can approach the habitat by following a country road around the island or travel by bus.

After your quite exploration you will have the opportunity to enjoy a meal or a refreshment at the restaurant under the shade of trees.

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